Logo Design – Summary

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Below is a summary of the whole design process for quick review. You may even find it useful to print the whole article – if so, make sure you print the smart way or even better, use the Print function found at the bottom of this article.

Design Brief: Conduct Questionnaire or Interview with client to get the design brief.

Research: Conduct research focused on the industry itself, on its history, and on its competitors.

Reference: Conduct research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that are related to the design brief.

Sketching & Conceptualising: Develop the logo design concept(s) around the brief and research. Use creativity. Know how to design a logo.

Reflection: Take breaks throughout the design process. This lets your ideas mature and for you to get renewed enthusiasm. Receive feedback.

Positioning: Position yourself as a contractor or build a long lasting relationship. ie. Client orders you what to do or You guide client to the best solution.

Presentation: Choose to present only a select few logos to the client or a whole collection.

Celebration: Drink beer, eat chocolate, sleep, start on next logo design. Or a combination.


When given a brief, every designer interprets in their own way and if an assignment is given to 100 different designers, it would return 100 different logos, few of which would resemble each other. Though we all endlessly conjecture what makes a “good” or “bad” logo, one must remember in the end, the ultimate arbiter of logo design greatness may only be the satisfied, paying client.

The secret moral to this story, therefore, is to work hard, but not be too hard on your first concepts as the process itself, is the key to ultimate success.


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Logo Design – Part 3 How To Design A Logo

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